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65% Dark Organic Drinking Chocolate

65% Dark Organic Drinking Chocolate

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Nib and Noble celebrates the cacao pod with our premium range of chocolate products. We use only organic and fair trade ingredients, blending raw cacao powder with unrefined coconut sugar for the perfect balance of flavour.

Our 65% Cacao Organic Drinking Chocolate offers a bold, dark and creamy chocolate experience.

Available in 250g tins and 1kg bags.

Perfect for use as a substitute for cacao/cocoa in recipes, making a chocolate sauce or using in smoothies and baking.  

Add a hand made Ceramic Tumbler to enjoy you drinking chocolate!


Nib and Noble Certified Organic


Raw Cacao Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Cacao Paste*, Himalayan Salt. (Cacao Solids 65%) *Certified Organic

Serving Suggestion

Hot: Add 4 heaped teaspoons to a cup (200ml) of warmed milk (or milk substitute) and mix well until dissolved.

Cold: Dissolve 4 heaped teaspoons with a small amount of boiled water to form a paste, add a cup (200ml) of warmed milk (or milk substitute) and stir well until Combined. Pop in a few ice cubes for a perfectly chilled treat.


Perfect for baking, adding to breakfast cereals or let your imagination run wild.

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