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Organic Ground Raw Cacao Paste (Ceremonial)

Organic Ground Raw Cacao Paste (Ceremonial)

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Nib and Noble Organic Cacao Paste, also known as Cacao Liquor or Cacao Mass,  comes from harvesting the criollo beans from the regions of Peru.

Cacao Paste is produced by grinding Cacao nibs which are naturally fermented for 3-5 days in wooden containers (reaching a temperature of around 50C) then sun-dried.  The Cacao Nibs are then ground to a smooth, liquid state. Once solid, it becomes 100% pure bitter chocolate.

We grind our cacao paste to make it easier to use when making a drink, adding to smoothies, in baking or during your cacao ceremony! 

You can also find it as one of the ingredients in our Dark 65% hot chocolate to give it a real boost of chocolate cacao goodness.

Size: 200g


Ceremonial grade cacao paste

To be considered as ceremonial grade, the cacao used needs to be a pure form of unadulterated cacao, sourced from the Mesoamerican region and should obtain the following expectations: 

  • Cacao should be grown using sustainable farming practices. 
  • The cacao paste used to make the sacred beverage should be in its pure form, meaning no additives or preservatives should be present.
  • Country of origin should be in the geographical area of the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations (i.e. Peru, Ecuador, Mexico)
  • Also the cacao should be preferably Criollo Cacao being one of the original varieties of cacao.
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