Our Story

In 2016 we started Nib and Noble as a family run business, inspired by our love for cacao and the variety of chocolate products that can be created from it. 

Our experimentations with cacao powder and coconut sugar led to us creating a balanced and flavoursome hot or cold chocolate drink, and with Joel's background as a process analyst and Claire's as a Naturopath, we combined our talents and passion for good food and beverages and so the Nib and Noble brand was born.

Here at Nib and Noble we are immersed in a love affair with cacao, and we aim to share that love with everyone we meet so they too can experience the delights and diversity that our products offer. Nib and Noble's products contain only certified organic and fair trade and 100% natural ingredients, and our focus is on offering a top quality drinking chocolate which caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

Because we highly value quality and only want to pass on that which is of high quality to our customers, we use unrefined coconut sugar and raw cacao powder in our products, both which retain their health benefits and mineral contents due to the minimal processing involved in their creation.  Our products are also vegan, dairy free, gluten free, organic and fair trade.  Our products are for those who care about what they put in their body, and value themselves enough to invest in their health by fuelling it with only the best.

Thanks for being here and we hope our products bring you much pleasure!

Claire + Joel.


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Organic Hot Chocolate

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