Why hot chocolate is good for your nervous system

Why hot chocolate is good for your nervous system

We love a good quality hot chocolate for its beautiful effects on the nervous system.  What a special tonic it is.  Below we will talk you through some of the benefits that hot chocolate has when it is made with good quality, organic cacao.

Good quality hot chocolate made with a high percentage of cacao means that it is high in magnesium which is an important mineral for the nervous system.  It is helpful for relieving mental and physical tension, and boosting energy production.

Chocolate made with a high level of cacao stimulates Endorphin production which works to lift and boost the mood, making us feel content and happy.

Phenylethalamine increases focus and alertness, is known as a 'love drug', and is the reason chocolate is thought to be an aphrodisiac.  It triggers the release of two neurotransmitters dopamine and norephinephrine which boost the mood.

Anandamide is a substance which is naturally found in cacao and is known as the 'bliss' chemical which we produce when we fall in love.  It helps to increase feelings of wellbeing.  The name anandamide comes from a sanskrit term for bliss due to its enhancement of wellbeing.

Cacao naturally contains the phytochemical Theobromine.  Theobromine helps to improve blood flow and alertness.  Improved blood flow leads to improved delivery of nutrients and oxygen around the body and to the brain, improving mood, cognitive performance and energy levels.  It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac.

And lastly, even the ritual of taking time out for yourself to sit down and have a hot chocolate is beneficial and calming in itself.  Carve the time out to sit and enjoy a hot chocolate, there are so many benefits to be had for mind and body.

Written by Claire Andrews-Siwak - Naturopath and Nib + Noble Co-owner.

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