The Journey of Cacao

The Journey of Cacao

Come on a journey with us to learn how cacao powder is made!  We find the process of how our favourite food is made is fascinating and really gives you some insight into how much labour and love goes into the foods we take for granted.

Understanding the process required to produce our food helps us to then in turn feel more connected to it and more appreciative of the work that goes into the foods we consume. 

So lets get into the process of making cacao:

Firstly the beans are extracted from the inside of the Cacao pod, separated from the white pulp and then fermented for 6-7 days. 

After they have been through the fermentation process they are sundried for 3-4 days and then go through a cleaning process. 

Once the beans are dried, they are then pitted to obtain the cacao nibs. 

The nibs are then ground into cacao paste (otherwise known as cacao liquor), and then pressed in order to separate the cacao butter from what is now called the cacao cake. 

The cacao cake is then pulverised to become cacao powder.

And there you have it, that is a summary of how our beloved cacao is produced.  It really is the food of the Gods!  Let's go forth and mindfully consume beautiful cacao, and appreciate the long journey it has taken to our mouths. 

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