Rituals for Calm

Rituals for Calm


During these turbulent times where we are experiencing so much change and uncertainty, it is important to create pockets in the day for ourselves where we can experience feeling grounded, calm and anchored.  Incorporating enjoyable rituals into our day gives us something to look forward to, and little pockets of time where we can slow down and just be.

Rituals don't need to be complex, but can instead be super simple.  We can take something we do everyday and slow it down, do it mindfully, savour it, maybe add a luxurious element to it, and there you have yourself a ritual.  We like to think of rituals as offering an anchor, an opportunity to re-connect to yourself and check in with yourself on a daily basis, ultimately aiding in enhancing wellbeing.

Here are some wonderful rituals to incorporate into your day which are fortifying and soothing for the nervous system and are achievable for most:

  • Sit and meditate for 10 minutes before getting up in the morning and/or going to bed at night.
  • Have a bath at the end of the day to consciously let go of the day and bring in the evening.  Add bath salts, essential oils, light a candle - whatever makes it feel lush and indulgent for you.
  • Spend time in nature on a daily basis, even if it's just a small patch of grass where you can take your shoes off and breathe deeply for five minutes.
  • Our favourite ritual, unsurprisingly, is to have a hot chocolate.  The process of making it can be done mindfully and slowly, taking the time to savour the smell of the hot chocolate while it brews on the stove top, pouring it into your favourite mug, then sitting somewhere where you can have five minutes to yourself - technology free - Bliss!

We hope you can make the time for yourself to incorporate some of the above rituals, and reap the benefits.

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