Cacao for bringing balance

Cacao for bringing balance

Did you know that cacao has a high magnesium content?  Women can sometimes crave chocolate when they are in their premenstrual phase because their bodies are trying to signal that they need magnesium. 

Magnesium is vital for the premenstrual phase as it helps to relax muscle tissue and encourage progesterone production which induces calm.  So If you find yourself reaching for chocolate when you are premenstrual, celebrate how amazing your body is in knowing what it needs! 

Beware though, your average chocolate bar does not contain significant amounts of magnesium, and has a truckload of refined sugar which is definitely not beneficial, especially premenstrually. 

Make sure your chocolate products are organic, refined sugar free, high in cacao content and free of additives, preservatives and milk powders. 

Good quality chocolate products containing cacao can also help improve the premenstrual phase of your cycle through their mood boosting properties.  Cacao naturally contains a compound called theobromine which boosts mood, energy levels and acts as an aphrodisiac.  Cacao also stimulates the release of endorphins which lift the mood.  And lastly, cacao contains anandamide which is known as a 'bliss' chemical and phenylethylamine which is produced in our bodies when we fall in love.

To reap the benefits of dark chocolate during your premenstrual phase, our dark 65% drinking chocolate is just the ticket.  It is also now available in a 200g tin size, offering a great way to satisfy your chocolate cravings the healthy way.  Better for your body.

Written by Claire Andrews-Siwak - Naturopath and Nib + Noble Co-owner.

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