5 tips for a better nights sleep

5 tips for a better nights sleep

Struggling to sleep?  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, sleep can be elusive.  If you are currently going through a rough patch or are prone to them now and then (lets be real, who isn't), consider putting some wind down rituals in place to support your sleep.

Allow yourself some time to wind down in the evening.  We can't expect ourselves to have a busy and full day, look at screens all night and then immediately switch off into a restful slumber. 

Bookend your day with some of the rituals suggested below which will help signal to your body and nervous system that it is safe to let go and relax.


  1. Limit electronic use at least one hour before bed, dim the lights and/or wear blue light blocking glasses.  The onset of darkness signals to your pineal gland to start producing melatonin which is the hormone responsible for inducing sleep.


  1. Do some gentle stretching, yin yoga or legs up the wall pose to signal to your body that it is time to relax.


  1. Keep your bedroom free of electronics and try to keep it a calm space free of clutter that you enjoy being in, so that your association with your bedroom is one of sleep and relaxation.


  1. Dump your thoughts and to do list for the next day onto paper.  Anything that is bothering you, any thoughts and worries you have, write it out so that it is no longer taking up space in your head and disturbing your sleep.


  1. Curl up on the couch or snuggle up in bed with a Nib + Noble hot chocolate to increase feel good endorphins and for a calming magnesium boost.


We hope this list is of help to you.  Sweet dreams.



Written by Claire Andrews-Siwak - Naturopath and Nib + Noble Co-owner.

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