70% dark hot chocolate

Caffeine sensitive? Replace your morning coffee with dark hot chocolate!

If you find that you experience symptoms such as anxiety or jitters after your morning coffee and disrupted sleep in the evening, you may be caffeine sensitive.  Considering switching to a hot chocolate instead of your morning coffee may be for you, and your newly calm nervous system will thank you.  Hot chocolate is found to contain only 5mg of caffeine per 250ml, whereas a flat white contains 77mg.

Caffeine containing coffee exacerbates anxiety by boosting cortisol and adrenaline production.  Cacao based hot chocolate on the other hand contains a substance called theobromine which shares a similar structure to caffeine, but produces different effects in the body, improving the mood and giving a very gentle boost of energy without the jittery and brief high that caffeine provides.  Theobromine also boosts cognitive enhancement and induces a calm state.

If you are sensitive to caffeine and find that it affects your sleep, even though the caffeine content in hot chocolate is extremely minimal, have your hot chocolates away from bedtime so that any disruption to sleep is minimised.

So if you are looking to significantly reduce caffeine and avoid its not so great side affects, hot chocolate is your new best friend!  Plus if you are a fan of the dark and bitter taste of coffee, you will love our dark 65% drinking chocolate.  Try it and enjoy how different you feel.

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