Naturally Choc Chocolate Sauce Organic Chocolate Sauce Small Gift Box

Organic Chocolate Sauce Small Gift Box

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Not sure which flavour you might prefer? 

Grab yourself a little taster pack and try them all out before committing. With this pack you can have your cake and eat it too! 

Also, perfect as an addition to a gift for that special someone! 

Nib + Noble celebrates the cacao pod with our premium range of products. We use only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients, sourcing our raw cacao from South-East Mexico, and blending it with unrefined coconut sugar.

Add a decadence to your dessert with these chocolate sauces.

Size: 3 x 40g 

Flavours: Original, Mint, Chilli 

Serving Suggestion

Unleash your creativity by adding one tablespoon (15g) of chocolate sauce to ice-cream, smoothies, milk or your favourite dessert.

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