Clark St Coffee - Mastermind - 250g - Nib and Noble

Clark St Coffee - Mastermind - 250g

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Clark St Coffee Whole Beans - Masatermind - 250g bag

The region of Pocos de Caldas lays on the outer rim of an extinct volcano on the western border of Cerrado de Minas, Minas Gerais.

Due to it’s volcanic past, the region has excellent soil fertility, and it’s mountainous topography allows the coffee to be grown at higher altitudes. Small holder coffee growers in this region of Narino are well known for producing some of the finest washed coffees in Colombia.

These rural areas surround the Galeras volcano which greatly improves the soil quality. This coffee is washed and fermented for 20-25 hours and then dried slowly on a parabolic driers. With milk it’s smooth, sweet and very easy to drink. delicate, complex with light acidity as a black.



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